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Breaking Up With a Sagittarius Man

They are the world’s travelers. They do not just travel in person but also mentally. They ponder, appreciate philosophy, and always look at the big picture. If they are breaking up with you, there are certain reasons for this.

They frequently remain close friends with individuals they have to end the love relationship with, and they seldom do so in a harsh manner. Sagittarians accomplish things in a unique way. They never wish to hurt anyone and enjoy providing joy to those around them.

If your Sagittarius man is breaking up with you, he will do it in a certain way! Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about Sagittarius men and break-ups!

Sagittarius Breakups: How Do They Happen?

If they break up with you, they are really honest people who will do so in front of you. They have no issue gazing at you in the eyes.

If they chance to be traveling – and they travel more than any other sign – they will most likely phone you or write you a lengthy email. It will most likely conclude with “please remain in touch.”

They prefer not to burn bridges and like to keep friendships intact.

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How to Tell if a Sagittarius Man Is Over You

When a Sagittarius man does not love you you, he becomes distant. Both of you may go out, but he will be more concerned with his pals than with you. He simply isn’t interested in you anymore.

If you live together, you’ll notice that his head is frequently buried in books, and he’ll be on the web researching topics. If you wish to watch a movie with him, he will propose that you do so on your own.

When a Sagittarius is finished with you, he will want to be alone.

One of the most telling signals that a Sagittarius man is over you is if he makes travel plans without including you. Travel is one of Sagittarius’ greatest interests, so if he doesn’t intend to accompany you, you’ll know something is wrong!

Also, one of the main reasons he’ll break up with you is if he feels restricted by you as if you don’t allow him to be free.

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